iM-Improved Floor Leverage Rule

The  iM-Improved Floor-Leverage Rule for Retirement,  calls for two parallel investments. The first one is to establish a low risk Spending Floor Portfolio with 85% of one’s funds. The second, the Surplus Portfolio, is an investment of the remaining 15% in either equities with 3× leverage or Treasury bond funds, timed according to the signals produced by our MAC system.

The simulated performance of an investment following the Improved Floor-Leverage Rule, from 1999 to 2014, a period with two recessions and two huge market declines (-49% to Oct-2002 and -57% to Mar-2009), shows that one’s initial retirement capital would not have been reduced by a 6.5% withdrawal rate.

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iM(Gold) iM’s Best12(USMV)Q1..4-Investor Minimum Volatility Stocks (The Q3 model available to Silver)

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Survivorship Bias: neither Myth nor Fact

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Best9(Russell 1000)


Best8(S&P500 Min-Volatility)

Best(SPY-SH) Gains for Up & Down Markets

Best1(Sector SPDR)*


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4 comments on “iM-Retirement
  1. chinooky47 says:

    With bond rates at their lowest ever, should a new investor to the iM-Retirement system make the initial investment in the 75% of capital in the Spending Floor Portfolio consisting of a bond ETF at this time now, or is it best to stay in cash, especially since the FED hinted at rate increases and the dollar being so strong?

    • geovrba says:

      We are not Investment Advisers, so we can’t give financial advice. However, please check our BVR model which currently indicates a down market for bonds. There currently is to our knowledge no safe investment that provides a reasonable return.

      • chinooky47 says:

        Since I am new to this web site, where do I find the latest BVR recommendations? Also is the Fidelity short-term bond fund FSHBX and BJRLX a good substitute for the 75% Base Spending Floor Portfolio in the iM-Retirement strategy?

        • JKellas says:

          I’m also wondering about finding the BVR tool. So far I’m also not having any luck finding it, as well as a method from determing the Beta of a given bond fund.

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