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On the portfolio simulation platform, various ‘Ready-2-Go’ models can be combined into a ‘book’ to create new investment models combining the various strategies of the other model designers. On this page we list the result of our research how such combinations would have performed.

Please note that we have taken the third party models in good faith, and the intent of our article is to  provide information on how our models can be combined with other trading strategies to provide stable and consistent returns with low drawdowns. Therefore, as we do not know the algorithms that the other models have adopted, revealing the models should not be interpreted as an endorsement, which we cannot give under this lack of knowledge.  Furthermore, we cannot publish any trades that these models generate, and any questions you may have regarding this models should be referred to the respective model authors.

iM-Best Combo3: Best(SPY-SH) + Best1(Sector SPDR) + Best(SSO-TLT)

Using our three ETF models, Best(SPY-SH), Best1(Select SPDR) and Best(SSO-TLT) equal weighted in a combination model, we demonstrate that the combo would have produced high annualized returns of 34.3% with a low drawdown of -12.9% and low volatility. Additionally, due to the very high liquidity of its component ETFs, the combo could support a huge portfolio size.

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iM-Combo2: A Small-Cap Model in Combination with iM-Best(SPY-SH)

Using a third party small-cap model from the web-based trading simulation platform in combination with our iM-Best(SPY-SH), we demonstrate the benefits of combining this model with iM-Best(SPY-SH), these include a reduced volatility, constant positive rolling returns, and high annualized returns with low drawdowns. The model was chosen because its algorithm does not include market-timing, and also because it holds 50 stocks, has a low annual turnover, and should be able to support a relatively high total portfolio size of $3.5-million on its own.
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iM-Combo5: Large-Cap Models in Combination with iM-Best(SPY-SH) and iM-Best1(Sector SPDR)

Using 3 large-cap models from the web-based trading simulation platform in combination with Best(SPY-SH) and Best1(Sector SPDR), we demonstrate that the combination would have produced very high positive rolling returns and also high annualized returns with low drawdowns and low volatility.

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  1. jann says:

    As usual on target with caution. But… it seems we have hit recessionary set back in bonds and debt. So are inverse funds now in view??

  2. says:

    where is the update for 7/19


  3. babi1983 says:

    i signed up to p123, but dont get how to find the models in order to get the combos, whould love to some help/ guide on it

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