iM-Top10 and iM-Top50 of 40 Large Hedge Funds: Trading Update 5/15/2022

Stock Universe:

iM-Top 50 Consensus Holdings of 40 Large Hedge Fund Universe

Model descriptions:

Outperforming the S&P 500 by Trading the Top 10 Stocks from 40 Large Hedge Funds

Outperforming the S&P 500 with 50 Consensus Stock Holdings of 40 Large Hedge Funds

Model Performance:

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Note: iM-Top10VariableWeight(of 40 Large Hedge Fund) model will be released soon.

Trade Signals for 5/16/2022

iM-Top10(of 40 Large Hedge Funds)
Ticker Action Shares Name
DHR SELL 110 Danaher Corp
MU SELL 445 Micron Technology Inc.
NFLX BUY 147 Netflix Inc
SCHW BUY 421 Schwab (Charles) Corp
iM-Top50(of 40 Large Hedge Funds)
Ticker Action Shares Name
No Trades

The models trade on first trading day of the week. Next update on Sunday 5/8/2022

Trading Statistics and Holdings

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