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iM-Best Combo3: Best(SPY-SH) + Best1(Sector SPDR) + Best(SSO-TLT)

Using our three ETF models, Best(SPY-SH), Best1(Select SPDR) and Best(SSO-TLT) equal weighted in a combination model, we demonstrate that the combo would have produced high annualized returns of 34.3% with a low drawdown of -12.9% and low volatility. Additionally, due to the very high liquidity of its component ETFs, the combo could support a huge portfolio size.

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iM-Best1(Sector SPDR) Rotation System

The iM-Best1(Sector SPDR) model periodically selects only one of the nine Select Sector SPDR® ETFs that divide the S&P500 into 9 sectors. During adverse market conditions it switches to SH, or partly to cash. This model would have produced an average annualized return of about 31.4% from January 2000 to end of September 2013.

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