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  1. Paul wrote:

    I am a beginning investor. I have looked at some of your programs at the P123 website.What I am looking for is a way to invest in a small basket of securities/stocks. I’m thinking of 1 to 15 stocks. My work schedule does not allow me to day trade. I could probably do few trades per week.I saw your Best 1 Sector program and thought that was quite managable. I have seen your other programs on P123. And thanks for clarifying the fact that I don’t have to subscribe to P123 in order to gain access to your programs.

    1) Do you have any such programs that meet my limited trading criteria?
    2) If so, what is the monthly subscription fee? Refund policy?
    3) Do you have any performance figures for the programs you are suggesting? Are the performance figures documented somewhere?
    4) Is there a phone number I could call you? Sometimes email just doesn’t properly convey everything

    Our answer:

    So that there is no misunderstanding: only the ETF models Best(spy-sh) Best(sector SPDR) and Best(SSO-TLT) are available from imarketsignals as well as The stock models Best10(S&P1500) Best9(Russell1000) and Best8+ are only available on
    1) We are not financial advisors
    2a) Fees are listed here: fee table
    2b) Fees and refund please refer Terms of Use
    3) Please study model descriptions – collection of links
    4) Personal conversation could be construed as advise, we are a news service in terms of Section 202(a)(11)(D) of the Investment Advisers Act.

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