Best(SPY-SH) and Combo3 – 2/3/2014

Best(SPY-SH) 2-3-14The iM-Best(SPY-SH) model currently holds SPY, so far held for a period of 210 days, and showing 6.06% return to 2/3/2014

A starting capital of $100,000 at inception on 1/2/2009 would have grown to $367,897 which includes $50 cash and excludes $9,034 spent on fees and slippage.


Combo3  2-3-14 The iM-Combo3 portfolio currently holds SPY, SSO and XLV, so far held for a period of 0 days, and showing a 0.00% return to 2/3/2014

The starting capital at inception on 2/3/2014 was $100,000.

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