BCI Update 5-9-13

Business Cycle Index:

BCI-update-5-10-13The BCI continues its upward trend to a level of 152.3 after strong employment reports and an even stronger rally of the S&P500. With BCIp on a 100, by past performance, a recession is not in sight.

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4 comments on “BCI Update 5-9-13
  1. lance92646 says:

    Thanks for posting the number weekly; since the graph is to be updated only monthly, would appreciate the BCI-p posted weekly as well as the BCI. I am trying to track it with my spreadsheet.
    Thanks again.

    • Anton Vrba says:

      You are referring to the BCI page where two graphs are updated monthly, however the data can be found in the weekly update

      If you logged in and browsing either the home page or the BCI page you will find a XLS download giving you all the values from 1967 onwards, also you will see on the zoomed in graph since 2000, which you obtain by clicking on the thumbnail, this graph and the XLS file is updated weekly.

      I recommend you download this file, the file name will always be the same so you can link into it from another excel file, or alternatively select the columns of interest and do a Ctrl-C and a Ctrl-V into your excel file. No need to diligently copy the values on a weekly basis.

  2. drjohncarlucci says:

    Nice lay out, everything on one page.

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